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Update (02-Jul-2022)

Posted by acacGames - July 2nd, 2022

Hi All, 

I haven’t been up to anything this week, because I was pretty sick. But, I’ve been thinking about some other game ideas and concepts, and I thought I might share one of them here. 

Someday, I’d like to make a sequel to Darkmorrow Arena, called Darkmorrow Bodyguard. You would play as a young woman bodyguard, who is hired by a travelling merchant. The game plays out through a series of journeys. In each journey, he tells you how much he offers for the trip, and he then pays that amount once the journey is complete. After the journey, he will propose another journey, the pay, and also what things he might expect from you. You can always turn down the offer, but then the game ends. However, each time you accept a contract, he will escalate what he expects from you, increase your pay, and also the journey will get harder. 

Like the last game, Darkmorrow Bodyguard will also have permadeath. But, I think I can give a little more control back into the player’s hand. Because you can choose when to stop taking more contracts, you can end the playthrough before you think you might not survive the next journey. The goal is to see how much money you can make, without dying. 

One concept I would like to introduce in the game is blocking. Like a typical JRPG, you would be able attack, cast a spell, block or use items during fights. But one thing that I will do different is that each turn, the game will tell you what the enemy is winding up to do. Some enemy attacks can be nerfed by blocking, so you would know when to block. Blocking will also give you a buff for 1 turn afterwards, called Focused. Initially, when you are focused, you get say 20% more Evasion and Accuracy. But, through traits on items and on your skill tree, you can extend how long Focused lasts, and what other benefits Focused gives you. For example, for a spell caster build, you might get a trait or item that gives you 20% more Fire Damage when Focused. So, Blocking becomes a tactical option to use at certain times. 

Another concept I would love to add is something like the skill tree in Path of Exile. Basically, you would have a randomized “Skill Board”, of 5 tiles by 5 tiles. Each tile has a major skill or passive bonus in the centre, and 4 minor passive bonuses around it. You start in the centre of the middle tile, with the major skill already acquired. Then, each time you level up, you apply 1 skill point to one of the 4 surrounding minor passive bonuses around it, which also lets you then later access the tile in that direction. These tiles will be mostly specialized. For example, one tile might give you bonuses when you use a sword, instead of a different weapon. Another tile might give you a spell. Another tile might reward you for using 2-handed weapons. Another might give you bonuses when fighting demons. Because the whole board is randomized, and because loot drops and journey conditions will be randomized too, I think this could create a lot of replayability. 

In terms of erotic content, I think the first journey will start off pretty civil. The main character might notice the merchant ogling her, but nothing more, no rude comments. For the second journey, the merchant might propose that he will pay the main character more than in the last journey, but in exchange, he can grope her butt over her clothes whenever he wants. It’s just a way to spice up an otherwise boring trip. You can refuse, and then the game ends. You get a score, and the playthrough is put into the archive. Or you can accept, and the second – slightly harder – journey begins. Later on, he might ask her to wear sexier clothes when they are staying at an inn, or have drinks with him and other patron, or maybe even only wearing chainmail bikinis on their trips. That’s just the start of it, and there are a lot more things that can be done. I’d also like to wrap pregnancy risk into the game. I imagine one of the late-game obligations the merchant might ask for is for the bodyguard to stop taking contraceptives. She can of course refuse, but... 

Anyway, it’s just something I was thinking about for fun. I haven’t put any of it into code. I haven’t even really designed or documented it, yet. But it’s something I’d like to do, someday. 



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